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Ground Water Intake

Groundwater has been a preferred source of drinking water as it’s perceived as higher quality and less vulnerable to contamination. And it requires less intensive treatment than other types of water.

Water Intake Screen

The structure at the middle of the collector well which lets groundwater enter is called the screen. There are various types of screens. Ringbase collector screen serves as a filtering device which permits water to enter the well from the saturated aquifer, prevents sand and other sediment from entering the well. Additionally, it limits the velocity of sand laminar flow (less than 1.0cm/sec for fine sands, less than 1.5cm/sec for medium sands, and less than 3.7cm/sec for coarse sand). The slower the velocity is, the less sand control issue and it reduces clogging effect.


Ringbase collector screen features

Water intake from all sides enables the water intake from entire layer of aquifer and stable intake even at the drawdown in drought.

Advantage of wide opening screen


Conventional water intake with conventional devices often causes clogging

Feature of stainless V-Shaped

wire Screen

- Large opening ratio

- V-shaped opening resists against clogging

- Provide the suitable design flexibility to aquifer

- Open ratio:  Over 30% that is bigger by over

  10 times of conventional intake hole (2 to 3%)

Ground Water Intake Methods

There are three types of groundwater intake methods adopted by Largus Engineering: Radial Well, Vertical Infiltration Galleries, and Riverbed Infiltration Galleries. These new methods of intake for raw water produce 

better water quality and reduce treatment cost. They’re easy to maintain and the control of capacity is done via valves. Additionally, they use only submersible pumps and do not require much space.

Radial Well


- It is a well which comes with a few lateral screens       on the sides depending on the capacity required.

- Lateral well does not exceed 50m. 

- Smaller head loss gives less drawdown in water         level and provides efficient and stable water intake. 

- Horizontal-boring assures appropriate positioning of   Radial Screens. 

- Capacity: 20,000m3/day

Riverbed Infiltration Galleries 


- Screen is located under the river bed

- Large screens are used

- Capacity: 10,000m3/day - 200,000m3/day

Vertical Infiltration Galleries 


- Flexible in design & selection of slot size and        
  SUS304 gives high resistance against corrosion.

- Even water intake volume increases, drawdown of    
  water level is smaller. (high efficiency of water intake).

- As water comes from wide layer of aquifer, water can be

  taken even during drawdown of water level in drought. 

- Capacity: 10,000m3/day


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