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Domestic Projects

We have successfully established track record in the construction of 7 water treatment plants* in Malaysia with the capacity of 240m3/day, 500m3/day,  1,000m3/day, 5,000m3/day, 7,500m3/day,  8,000m3/day, 10,000m3/day and 20,000m3/day 

Pulau Aman, Pulau Pinang - Malaysia
Sea Water Desalination, 240 m3 per day 

Kg Gana, Kota Kinabalu - Malaysia
Deferum, 500 m3 per day 

Pulau Banggi, Kudat, Sabah - Malaysia

Infiltration Galleries 10,000m3 per day
Deferum 5,000m3 per day

Kg Chap, Bachok, Kelantan - Malaysia
Chemiles, 10,000 m3 per day 

Tualang, Kuala Krai, Kelantan - Malaysia
Chemiles, 20,000 m3 per day 

Bagan Datuk, Perak - Malaysia
Chemiles, 5,000 m3 per day 

Ketereh, Kelantan - Malaysia
Capacity : 8 MLD

Status    : Completed 

Meranti Baharu, Kelantan - Malaysia
Capacity : 6 MLD

Status    : On Going 

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