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This hydro-automatic system DEFERUM with floating filtering media is designed for 

the non-reagent removal of high levels of dissolved iron, dissolved gases (hydrogen

sulphide, carbon dioxide, methane, radon, odour, ammonia etc.)


The Deferum system also provides partial removal of manganese. However, the targeted

manganese removal can be provided by the special system – a modification of DEMAGNUM.


The process can be classified as intensive aeration- degasification followed by filtration system which uses unique AKV Polymer Floating Filtering Media. 



- Eco friendly & operated without sophisticated electronics

- Small amount of water for backwash with stand-alone backwashing filters

- Backwash is based entirely on gravity force and difference of water levels

- Filtering media has a lifespan of over 10 years

- No spare parts or replacement of the filtering media needed during working life cycle

- Replaces the conventional aeration, flocculation and sedimentation process with Aerator-Degasifier

- System operation self-adapts to changing contaminant loadings


Schematic Schematic Design for Tank Process

1. Aerator / Degasifier

2. Hydrobot

3. Distributor

4. Polymer floating filtering media

5. Ring/holder

6. Above-filter space

7. Filtrate discharge pipe

8. Hydrolock

9. Backwash water collector

10. Syphon

11. Syphon control pipe

12. Hydrolock syphon

Equipments And Functions




- To allow automatic backwash 

- To keep Aerator-Degasifier and distribution pipes in position

- Hold raw water before entering filter tanks



- To hold filter media from escaping

- Allow filtrate to flow through away from tanks and media

Filter Media

- Filter ferum and manganese from raw water


Aerator - Degasifier

- To oxidize dissolved solids

- Remove hazardous gases

- Create vacuum with high velocity flow

- Take in atmospheric air for oxidation



- To distribute raw water evenly throughout the filter tank









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